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Auricular Acupuncture

Reduces the physical symptoms of withdrawal Relieves depression, anxiety, and insomnia and help people relax. Profoundly relieves withdrawal symptoms including cravings, body aches, headache, etc. Patients become comfortable with their own physical processes Patients learn to 'let go' of tension and preoccupations The calm stability in the acupuncture setting creates a relatively timeless process. There is much less pressure to improve according to guilt-related standards. Acupuncture treatments, taken enough times, clear the mind, build energy, and give a sense of well being. The acupuncture detoxification is an ideal partner with other programs and creates a calming response to life's troubles.

Acupuncture for addiction is the process of inserting very fine needles into the ear, at six specific points; this is called auricular acupuncture the NADA protocol. The points are linked to various parts of the body and by stimulating these points with needles; changes in the body's chemicals and signals to the brain can be altered. This way reducing the effects of your cravings

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Auricular acupuncture works in many ways.
  • It can increase circulation of the blood, thereby healing any organs and tissues damaged by the addiction.
  • It can regulate breathing, increase restful sleep, reduce stress and anxiety
  • Can help control cravings and help the person feel better overall this is achieved by an increase in endorphin production, which are chemicals that are commonly known as providing the 'feel good factor'.
With the help of auricular acupuncture the person will have more control over their withdrawal period, and by reducing the physical symptoms, the emotional issues surrounding the addiction can be more easily addressed.

Who Will Benefit From Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has been known to significantly relieve the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs, alcohol and tobacco and has also been proven to help those suffering from addictions to gambling, sex and those who over-eat.


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